February 12, 2019

"Can birth control make women choose the wrong partner?"

"7 On Your Side" explains the science!


Side-Effects: See Below,

including 23% to 60% Depression!


May 9, 2011

Focus: Human & Animal Reproductive Studies


 The Tricky Chemistry of Attraction

by Shirley S. Wang

Female Hormonal Birth Control:

--Masks your real chemistry, attract less DNA compatibles--

a Major Factor in Picking the Wrong Spouse &

Generational Weakening of Offspring (Children) & the Human Genome!


Benefits of Alternate, Natural Solutions:

Protect the Human Genome & Your Family Tree!

Conceive Genetically Healthier Children!

Reduce your Cancer Risks: Breast and other cancers!

Reduce your Divorce Risk from 57% to less than 2%!

Avoid Hormonal Birth Control caused Depression 23% to 60%!

You can discover & remove a tumor precancerous!

99% effective, 100% safe & medically enlightening!

You know your exact fertile days: Only 1 in 7, on average!

Romeo & Juliet ...

True Love? Bad Chemistry!!!

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Female HORMONAL Birth Control


Negative Medical Health

Risks & Side-Effects:


1. Heart Attacks

2. Strokes,

3. Blood Clots

4. Breast Cancer &

5. Reproductive System Cancers:

2005 to 2019 Medical Organizations:

-Declared Female HORMONAL Birth Control a "Group 1 or Class 1 Carcinogen",

cause of cancers (i.e., Breast Cancer), like Asbestos!

* The World Health Organization (WHO), etc.

--The breast cancer epidemic: 10 facts - NCBI

--Carcinogenicity of combined hormonal contraceptives -- WHO

--Hormone pills added to list of carcinogens - Health - Women's health 2005--NBC News

--Carcinogenicity of combined hormonal contraceptives and combined 2005 WHO

--Breast Cancer Prevention Institute - SCOTUSblog

--Birth Control Tied to Rise in Breast Cancer Risk - WebMD--2017

--Oral Contraceptive Use and Breast Can-Declared Female HORMONAL Birth Control a "Group 1 or Class 1 Carcinogen", cause of cancers (i.e., Breast Cancer), like Asbestos!


Dec. 1, 2008

Scientific American

"Birth Control Pills Affect Women's Taste in Men"

How synthetic hormones change desire in women

—and their choice in a mate

How to Pick the Wrong Spouse &
increase Breast, etc. Cancer Risks:

A. Use Female Hormonal Birth Control

However delivered:

·         The Pill

·         The Norplant Patch

·         The Shot

·         O-Rings

·         The IUD Spiral...

or ===========================

B. Tubal Ligation,Tied Tubes

Negative Results of Artificial Birth Control discovered from

Human & Animal Med. Studies:

1. False Positive Attractions, Later REJECTIONS

2. 57% not 2% DIVORCE Rate & BREAKUPS are Typical


4. Dramatically More MISCARRIAGES

5. Increased GENERATIONAL DNA HARM to Children,

Offspring, Family Tree & the Human Genome

5. ULTIMATE RISK to Survival of Human Species

6. MASKED, Not Natural, Chemistry

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Top-Left & Bottom-Right: MS PowerPoint- 2010)


How Hormonal Birth Control MASKS Your Chemistry!
often leading to the failure of Pheromone Detection System!

Women and men, as well as animals including primates, have a
pheromone DNA detection system in their noses which assists them potentially in identifying a genetically highly compatible perspective mate with whom they can more likely conceive healthy and genetically stronger children or offspring.

Studies show that if women or men, or primates, take certain medicines or perhaps tie their reproductive tubes (tubal ligation or vasectomy), their pheromone detection system may give them false positive or negative responses, deceptive “chemistry” implying high compatibility or incompatibility with respect to each other.
Specifically, if a woman takes Hormonal birth control, regardless of the delivery mechanism (the pill, patch, shot, o-ring or IUD) or if she or her potential mate has tied their reproductive tubes, both he and she are likely to get false positive or false negative reactions from their respective pheromone detection systems in regards to that specific prospective mate.
The unfortunate likely DNA matching result would be the rejection of a compatible candidate or the acceptance of an incompatible candidate, weakening both the Human Genome and their family tree!

The Healthy, Natural Solution:

--Fertility Care Centers:

USA:  FCCA FertilityCare.org

European Courtries: FCCE.eu/

Philippines: fertilitycare.com.ph/


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Healthy, Safe & Effective Natural Birth Control Solution:

--Results in Good, Natural DNA Matches:

Benefits of NATURAL FAMILY PLANNING Birth Control:

1. Your Nasal Pheromone Detection MATCH System works correctly & effectively!

2. Genuine POSITIVE CHEMICAL ATTRACTIONS & Stable Relationships!

3. Less than 2% DIVORCE Rate & Rare BREAKUPS!

4. More Healthy & Naturally, GENETICALLY SUPERIOR Children conceived!


6. Increased GENERATIONAL Health of Your Children & the Human Genome!

7. Improve Probability of Human Species Survivability!

8. More Days of Intimacy for the Couple!

9. Find a real DNA chemistry compatible marriage partner, since the woman is not taking hormonal birth control which masks or hides real DNA compatibilty!

10. Lower Health Risks for Women, including lower risks of cancer, heart attacks, sterility, strokes and blood clots!

11. 99% Effective: Women gain real, accurate & effective medical knowledge of their fertility for their health and natural birth control!