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Romeo & Juliet ... True Love?

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Female Artificial Birth Control


Negative Side-Effects:


1. Heart Attacks

2. Strokes,

3. Blood Clots

4. Breast Cancer &

Reproductive System Cancer

--2005 WHO Declared Female

Artificial Birth Control a

"Class One Carcinogen"

5. Mismatches: Failed Chemistry

6. Harms the Human

Genome, & causing

Sicker Children

How to Pick the Wrong Spouse:

A. Use Female Artificial Birth Control

or =====================================

B. Tie your Tubes

~Typical Human & Animal Studies:

1. False Positive Attractions, Later REJECTIONS

2. 57% DIVORCE Rate & BREAKUPS are Typical


4. Dramatically More MISCARRIAGES

5. Increased GENERATIONAL HARM to Children,

Offspring & the Human Genome

5. ULTIMATE RISK to Survival of Human Species

6. Skewed, Not Natural, Chemistry

(Photo credits: TOP Minnesota Divorce Lawyers:

Top-Left & Bottom-Right: MS PowerPoint- 2010)

Mismatching: Artificial Birth Control Skews Your Chemistry!

How it works: Failure of the Pheromone Detection System


Women and men, as well as animals including primates, have a

pheromone detection system in their noses which assists them in

identifying a highly genetically compatible perspective mate with whom

they can more likely conceive healthy and genetically stronger children or


Studies show that if women or men, or primates, take certain  

medicines or perhaps tie their reproductive tubes (tubal ligation or

vasectomy), their pheromone detection system may give them false

positive responses,deceptive “chemistry” implying high compatibility with

respect to each other.

Specifically, if a woman takes artificial birth control, regardless of the

delivery mechanism (pill, tube, shot, ring or IUD) or if she or her potential

mate has tied their reproductive tubes, both he and she are likely to get

false positive or false negative reactions from their respective pheromone

detection systems
in regards to that specific prospective mate.

Solution: Good, Natural Matches with Natural Birth Control

Benefits of NATURAL FAMILY PLANNING Birth Control:

1. Your Pheromone Detection MATCH System works correctly & effectively

2. Genuine POSITIVE CHEMICAL ATTRACTIONS & Stable Relationships

3. Less than 2 % DIVORCE Rate & Rare BREAKUPS

4. More Healthy & Naturally GENETICALLY SUPERIOR Children


6. Increased GENERATIONAL Health of Your Children & the Human Genome

7. Improve Probability of Human Species Survivability

8. More Days of Intimacy for the Couple

9. Detect Your Actual Natural Chemistry DNA Attraction Compatibility with a Mate


1. MEN'S BIRTH CONTROL PILL: Except Mismatches, No Known Side-Effects.

~Invented at the same time in 1959 with the women's Birth Control Pill

~Couple Chemical-MISMATCHES: Also likely cause like women's BC Pill


99% Effective, More Intimacy Days, Pheromone Matches & No Health Risks:

~No Heart Attacks, No Strokes, No Blood Clots, No Cancers, Few Mismatches.

~Healthy, Genetically Stronger Children, Genereation after Generation.


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